“These guys knew exactly what I needed before I did!”
C. Fields Class 190
“When I called to ask about the gear I would need for the Police Academy, The “other uniform store” put me on hold for more than 20 minutes, and never came back to the phone!!. Keystone knew exactly what I needed, had it in stock and ready in a week.”

“Best customer service in the uniform industry!!!!!!!!”
“When the “other uniform store” screwed up my uniform order for the Rio Hondo Academy, Keystone came through in a pinch to save my butt for black Monday. They have great customer service and my uniforms looked great. They also are very quick as far as turn around time. Galls took 2 weeks and still screwed it up Keystone handled it right the first time and the same day!!!!!!!…”

“…very quick turnaround”
J. Burns Class 190
“My experience at Keystone, in Covina, has been very smooth. I will be attending the Rio Hondo Police Academy Class 190. From beginning to end, they took care of all my needs and were very quick with the turnaround. I highly recommend Keystone , in Covina, to any future cadets.”

“…I refuse to go elsewhere…”
F. Zablan Class 190
“Great service, informative, and most importantly, friendly associates. After my experience, I refuse to go elsewhere to buy my uniforms”

“…my order was processed right, the first time.”
CJ Class 177
“I just wanted to thank you for all your help while I was preparing for the academy. Many of my friends went other places to get their uniforms altered, they had many problems an I had none with you. The experience that I had using you for all of my uniforms was exceptional. Your customer service was friendly from the minute I walked through the door. Your employee, Mike, was outstanding. He knew what he was talking about and made sure my order was processed and right the first time.”

“…everything in one place…”
R. Carrfon Extended Class 7
“Great! It’s nice to know that everything you need is in one place.”

“…Keystone is the the way to go.”
L Creech Class 190
“This store is great!!! Great service and on time delivery. Keystone is the way to go!”

“…fixed my pants on the spot…”
Mark Class 190
“I ordered my holster and pants at another store and the pants were too short and they messed up the holster twice. I came to Keystone and they fixed my pants on the spot and the the right holster in stock!

“…they get an 11.”
B Wylie Extended Class 7
“The staff at Keystone were extremely courteous and very helpful. They assisted me with everything I needed and answered every question I had. Overall a great experience. I will definitely do business again. On a scale of 1 to 10, they get an 11. Thanks!”

“…run like an orchestra…”
T Shogsbergh Extended Class 7
“As hectic & crazy as this place was to be in, it was run like an orchestra. Very well maintained & easy to deal with.”

“…Don’t go anywhere else…”
G Matosian Class 190
“Keystone is the only place you will need to go for all of your needs! The give excellent service, and Paul cares about your every need. Don’t go anywhere else.”

“…Uniforms are perfect…”
B Ganvin Extended Class 7
“You guys are awesome! Uniforms are perfect, up to inspection 100% of the time! Very knowledgeable staff to get me correctly into the academy!”

“…made me feel confident…”
A Vargas Extended Class 7
“First visit ‘awesome’ service. They made me feel very confident on my purchases. I’ll be back.”

“…excellent customer service…”
E. Cabrerra
“Mike provided me with excellent customer service. He was very helpful and was efficient.”

“…a very positive experience…”
Mortensen Class 190
“We had a very positive experience. The staff was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional.”

“…excellent recommendations…”
Scott Class 190
“Excellent service top to bottom. Sales staff knew exactly what I needed for the academy and made excellent recommendations on equipment options. Thank You!”